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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Deleting a blog! What goes up, must come down!

You've made a mess of things, and decided not to write the blog after all, whatever, click on 'setting's' than scroll down to 'other'. click on 'other' click on 'delete'. Your blog will be saved for awhile before being permently deleted, just in case you change your mind again,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Vary Basic HTML

If you know HTML, you can skip this post. But for those who don't, and would like to place the title of their blog in the center, here's the brackets needed to be placed on eithor side of the commands < >
The left bracket, starts the command, and I can't place it to show you, because the computer will react to it.
The left bracket is on your keyboard above the 'comma', and the right bracket is above the 'period. See?

For the purpose of this Lesson, lets say that the title of your blog is the same as this one. ... Creating Blogs! Remember, I can't place the left bracket, without the computer reacting to it, go to your layout page see the title of your blog, Creating Blogs! click on edit close to the title, place your cursor to the immediate left of the beginning letter C and type a left bracket, (where I have placed an underscore) _center>, arrow over the title, and again place the left bracket to the immediate right of the exclaimation point, type left bracket, _/center> The slash, (key next to period) tells the computer to stop centering.
Below I've placed all but the two left brackets.

(_center>Creating Blogs!_/center>)

If you want the title to be bold, the command is _b> and after... _/b>

Italisized... the commands are _i> and _/i>

For a line break or two, its _br> _br> or a paragraph, its _p> _/p>

Colors can be designated as a quote, pound sign, followed by 6 characters, your 'Advanced tab' below tells the code for the colors in your template, lets say that you want to write a short poem in the same color as the post backgrounds.... go to side bar gadgets, select the 'TEXT' gadget. I wrote

br> br> center> b> font color="#ff7fe6">I am in this world br> br>(Just barely!) br> br>But not of it! /center> /b> /font>

Remember the left bracket on left side of all commands, including font color (left of the f only, there is a space between font and color) and the closing /font. Also you put your color characters, letters or numbers. (must be 6)

Monday, February 11, 2013


Click Templates! I have found the most design capabilities with the 'Picture Window' ones, specifically the third one from the left, the darkest one. Run your cursor across the bottom, and click on 'Apply to blog' and than on 'Customize'.

NOTE: Another template called 'travel' has even the blog backgrounds transparent. See the 'Design' blog linked below.


Design 2


Click on the next tab below labled 'Background'. Near the top left you should see the image at the top of this post.Click on the same image of the custimazion screen. When the screen changes you will see an index of images, beginning with ... Abstract ... The Arts ... Business ... etc. Select one, and hit the apply to blog button on the right.

Note your blog will be black where its transparent, view your blog to see what I mean. There are 15 catagorys each having 5 to 12 images, but you must pick just one. I got this image from the 'Abstract' images. The image will set the theme.

Adjust widths

Click on 'Adjusting Widths' this is up to you, If you write alot, you will need more width for the entire blog. I slid the scale till I had 300pixels on the right sidebar, and 900 - 1050 for the main blog.


This ones is fairly easy to figure out, It's a matter of taste, more than one sidebar, may require a change in widths.


Click the 'Advanced link'. Lets get started! click on the 'Page Text' I choose the font called "Crafty Girl" color=#aeaeae a gray, from the 1st row of colors, "Colors from this template.

This is your blog post text color.

I also choose 'Cherry Cream Soda for the Blog Title, 80px.( 60px is the default, but 80px made it larger. and the rose shade of color #bc3636

Date Header, I chose the 'Coming Soon' font, B I 16px gray #aeaeae color.

Links, I am firm believer in blue links where possible, and having the 'Gadget links' the same colors of blue, so as not to confuse the reader.

Blog Title, you get to select a font, as well as a color. I choose 'Slackey' for the font, and the same pink color for the Title.

Tabs Text, this is the color of your post text.

Tabs Background, my black, Selected color, by defult = red, and I left it so. Seperator color black, also left it.

Date Header= white, left it so.

Post was default gray, I choose pink color "#e06666"

Gadgets; here's an oppertunity to cordinate the gadget colors to go with the Blog, for instance the gadget 'Translater'

Footer and Footer links, its up to you!

Add CSS; here's where you can really SCR#%W UP, but if you do, click back to blogger on right, click template, if not already there, click customize again, look on the gray bar, about the bottom middle, see
"You've customized this template." (in blue) "Remove Customizations",

Ta Dah! back to square one!

Have fun!